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Published: 2020-02-06

Arcum participated in the celebration of the Sámi national day

NEWS With sunny weather and a blue sky, the Sámi national day was celebrated on Umeå University Campus. Arcum was of course there to take part.

Text: Oscar Sedholm

During this year's celebration of the Sámi national day there were two fires were lite, reindeer meat soup was served and both speeches and joiks were given outside the Humanities house on Umeå University campus. Beyond the celebration of the national day was also the celebration of Várdduo, which now has existed for 20 years. Speakers were Dieter Müller, Lena-Maria Nilsson, Peter Sköld, Krister Stoor and Michael Lindblad. The two last mentioned also each performed a joik.

Peter Sköld, current director of Arcum, spoke about the early days of Várdduo: "We build up a large network both inside and outside the university, we organized conferences around the whole of Sápmi, we gave out a whole load of books where those who worked within Sámi research were made visible, we developed a collaboration with the Sami parliament and began giving out a scientific prize and student stipendia. We started new research projects with all faculties involved and open possibilities for new doctoral students. When we began we were only a director and an administrator at 25 %, and twelve years later the Centre for Sámi research corridor was filled with people - which was a very exciting journey."

Lena Maria Nilsson
Project manager, project coordinator, other position
Krister Stoor
Associate professor