Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 26 May 2020)

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Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation

Umeå University’s Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation (IDS) opens up opportunities for collaboration between university researchers and the private and public sectors through jointly-funded research projects.

Due to the novel coronavirus, all planned Industrial Doctoral School activities during the spring semester are being cancelled. New dates for activities will be set as soon as we can foresee the situation. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Patrik, Benkt, Ingrid and Maria


In partnership with either companies, third-sector or public-sector organisations, researchers accepted to the school work for four years to answer a research question that is both of mutual interest to the partners and important to future progress. These projects maintain a high level of scientific quality and also generate public benefit, thereby laying a foundation for competitiveness and operational development.

IDS doctoral candidates form part of a multidisciplinary research group and undertake a specially-designed, generic skills-based course package during the programme that prepares them for work outside of academia.

To date, IDS has trained a large number of researchers in collaboration with more than 30 partner companies and organisations, including LKAB, Domsjö Fabriker, Akzo-Nobel, AstraZeneca, the National Association of Swedish Sami, PwC, Skellefteå Kraft AB and the Swedish Performing Arts Agency.

Together, we can identify how your operation can benefit from a high-quality research initiative.

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About the Industrial Doctoral School

IDS aims to promote such collaboration with private-sector, third-sector and public-sector organisations in order to:

  • strengthen research and development
  • increase doctoral candidates' employability, independence and innovative capacity
  • increase knowledge and innovation in society

Participation in an IDS project involves researchers, supervisors and mentors joining a group consisting of members representing various subject areas and scientific disciplines.

IDS both trains future researchers and creates a valuable network connecting Umeå University, the private sector and the community. We also work to establish new partnerships and to realise project ideas for future collaborative projects.

Call for applications for project funding

IDS accepts project proposals from all of the university's scientific disciplines. Approved projects must concern a collaboration between university researchers and employees at an external organisation, such as a company or public-sector organisation. They are financed jointly by the university and the external partner, who contributes 50 per cent of the doctoral candidate's salary.

Due to the current pandemic situation, a new date will be announced in the end of May. Read more 

IDS researcher/Doctoral candidate

Researchers accepted to IDS join an interdisciplinary group of doctoral candidates in addition to their ordinary research group based at their respective departments. This group studies a course package corresponding to 15 ECTS credits to improve its members' collaboration skills and to prepare them for working life by providing them with generic competencies, in addition to those they already possess within their chosen scientific field.

IDS postgraduate appointments also include a three-month job placement at an external organisation. Combined, these two features provide a solid foundation for each individual to undertake professional work within research and development.

International Exchanges

Umeå University's Industrial Doctoral School forms part of the European network known as European Industrial Doctoral School (E.I.D.S.), together with universities in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Portugal and Wales. Each year, E.I.D.S. holds and international workshop for participating doctoral candidates from each of these member institutions.


IDS is managed by a steering committee and, from an organisational standpoint, operates under the direct oversight of the university's vice-chancellor. The current committee chairperson is also the deputy vice-chancellor, with special responsibility for research and research education within the social sciences and the humanities.

The steering committee also consists of teaching staff representing the university's four faculties, as well as three representatives from external stakeholders – both private and public.

Associate Professor Patrik Rydén serves as IDS' director since 2020.

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Continuing her career in the waste handling field

After graduation, Mar Edo keeps working on the waste management industry.

I'll miss the doctoral students

With expertise in collaboration and networking, Benkt has contributed to the success of the Doctoral School.

Information to our candidates, supervisors and external partners
Information to our candidates, supervisors and external partners

All planned spring semester Industrial Doctoral School activities are cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Professional European collaboration project started in Umeå
Professional European collaboration project started in Umeå

E.I.D.S - a european platform for doctoral education with external partner was initiated eight years ago.

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Want to have trout, char and salmon to thrive as fish in the water

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Get prepared! Ten new doctoral student positions in 2020
Get prepared! Ten new doctoral student positions in 2020

The call opens in May. The projects are financed jointly by University and an external party.

Alumni portrait

The Industrial Doctoral School gave new perspectives
The Industrial Doctoral School gave new perspectives

What happened to physician Steven Shen after graduating from the Industrial Doctoral School?

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