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Our ongoing projects

We have PhD students represented at all four faculties, on this page you can read more about the PhD students, the projects and their partners. You will also find press releases about the doctoral theses and scientific publications of the doctoral students.

Projects in Social Sciences

Efficient grid use in local distribution markets

How can demand flexibility be designed in order to reduce grid congestion and improve grid efficiency?

Risk factors for sport injuries in youth floorball players

Sport injuries are common in sports and is one reason why athletes terminate their sport participation at early age.

Healthy Healthcare

Development of evidence-based methods and work procedures that decrease the risk for ill health among health care employees.

Legal framework for sporting solutions to the challenges of commercialization

The normative rule milieu that surrounds sports is complex. It contains both sport rules and legal norms that interact in different ways, at different levels.

How place matters for rural young adults’ political practices

Despite differences between rural and urban areas, there is a lack of knowledge of young adults’ political engagement in rural settings, and how place matters for their political practices.

Explore local experiences in work against human trafficking in Asia

Andreas´ project is about exploring local strategies, and local ideas, to combat human trafficking in Asia.

Towards Transformative Change in the Maritime Transport Industry from a Lead Supplier’s Perspective

Peter´s project aims to discover how maritime transportation industry can orchestrate this global complex innovation ecosystem to promote business-cultural transformation.

Increasing the effectiveness of behaviour and learning in Swedish air combat training

The aim of this project is to provide knowledge about the role of personality traits and simulator training in training fighter pilots, knowledge that is of relevance to validating and updating elements of Swedish air combat training.

Adequate digital competence for school leaders

This project specifically highlights the conditions for a school’s digitisation created by the active leadership exercised by those occupying positions of leadership in schools.

Dietitian online - Evaluation of internet-based dietetic treatment within health care services

The purpose of the project is to investigate use, disposition and experiences of treatment via video conferencing from the perspectives of both dietitians and patients.

Assessing the long-term viability of social innovations for environmental sustainability

This research project focuses on how social innovations can address environmental sustainability issues.

Dropout and continuation processes in Swedish football

The goal of the project is to create knowledge about the processes that lead to players continuing or stopping playing football in a club.

Projects in Medicine

Empathy in the relationship between patients and doctors

The project is about studying empathy in the patient-doctor relationship. The focus is on possible changes and strategies for maintaining empathy among physicians.

Projects in Science and Technology

Fotografi på Umeå energi krafvärmeverk
Online determination of fossil carbon dioxide emissions in incineration plants

The Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University and Umeå Energi are funding a PhD student who will develop m...

Improving biological drugs production

The aim is to enhance understanding of the processes on a molecular level, contributing to future optimization of the products quality and cost.

Trace elements and reactivity of cement clinker in conventional and future production processes

This project aims to study the effect of different process setups and raw materials on trace elements and cement clinker product reactivity.

Resource-efficient chipping and improved impregnation

How can the use of frozen or dry wood raw material affect yield and impregnation?

Development of non-invasive detection techniques for characterization of toxic biological substances

Rasmus Öberg is developing new and more accurate methods to detect and characterize toxic substances.

Improving Cancer Immunotherapy – A Quantitative Model of Human T Cell Activation and Proliferation

Ionut Sebastian's research focuses on studying the genetic features of T cell activation and differentiation.

Sustainable production of cement and quicklime: Thermochemical raw materials properties

To ensure high quicklime and cement quality, more knowledge is needed on the thermochemical properties of the limestone.

Analytics-driven Edge Cloud Automation

The explosive growth of mobile devices requires high performance computing capabilities near these devices to handle their data, and computations.

Removal of pollutants from wastewater by photosynthetic microorganisms

Martin Plöhn focuses on Nordic microalgae, which grow on carbon dioxide and nutrients from local flue gases and wastewater, while at the same time removing pollutants like pharmaceuticals or heavy metals.

Multimodal Semantic Analysis: Making Sense of Language in Context

Publishing industry needs automated workflows for extracting useful, meaningful and accurate information from media sources combining e.g. text, audio, images, and video.

New fuels and ash reactions towards sustainable cement and quicklime production

Karin Sandström's PhS project focuses on the impact of new fuels and fuel ash on product quality and operation in the production of quicklime and cement clinker.

New antidotes against neurotoxicity caused by nerve agents and insecticides

The project is about the development of new antidotes against chemical weapons such as sarin, tabun and VX.

Aquatic environments at risk of developing pathogenic bacteria

The project focuses on identifying ecological drivers that lead to the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in household waste

Sofie Björklund's research focuses on investigating how per- and polyflouroalkyl substances are spread by waste management into the environment.

Sludge: from problem to product

Carlas project focus on sewage sludge valorization.

Surface treatments for key components in concentrating solar collectors

Erik Zäll is working on developing a new type of electroplated selective coating for Absolicon's receiver tubes.

Latest update: 2023-10-24