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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Johan Henriksson Lab

Research group Our group aims at integrating all known and hypothesized regulatory mechanisms about T cells in a single predictive model.

Our research group tries to understand how T cells function, in health and disease. T cells are particularly important against cancer, and genetically modified T cells (CAR T cells) is a promising therapy. We use our maps of gene regulation to develop new ways of programming T cells to fight diseases such as cancer.

To our aid we use modern unbiased measurement methods ("multi-omics" and single-cell) that helps us collect large amounts of information without deciding in advance which genes we should look at. As such we hope to obtain insights not possible with traditional targeted methods. Furthermore we use modern synthetic biology such as the CRISPR-Cas9 technology to reprogram genes, to be able to tell in detail how they function. We hope the genes we discover will be the key to hard-to-cure diseases such as cancer.

For more information, see our website as well as the MIMS website

Cancer Fund millions for research in Umeå

Cancer research at Umeå University receive SEK 59.5 million in the Swedish Cancer Society's allocation.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nóra meets Ionut Sebastian Mihai

PhD student Ionut Sebastian Mihai is affiliated with MIMS and Industrial Doctoral School and studies T cells.

Latest update: 2023-06-29