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Molecular biology and genetics

Molecular biology is the study of biomolecules (e.g. DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites) and control of their dynamic interactions within cells. It interfaces extensively with genetics concerned with the mechanisms of inheritance and evolution. Molecular biology and genetics, alongside bioinformatics, underscore modern approaches in cell and developmental biology, infection and immunology, as well as functional interpretation of structural data and regulatory networks underlying system biology.

Latest news

Bacteria manipulates the immune response to spread unnoticed

Dangerous bacterial toxins act as negotiators to create long-term infections, new research shows.

Movements in proteins inform about antibiotic resistance spreading

Researchers at Umeå University have discovered how a certain type of protein moves for DNA to be copied.

New transporter for recycling of bacterial cell wall found

A transporter which some bacteria use to recycle fragments of their cell wall has been discovered in Umeå,

New class of antibiotics against resistant bacteria

Umeå researchers one step closer to a new weapon against multidrug-resistant bacteria.

New findings of how cells turn independent and regulate functions

New thesis shows how cells regulate their protein level and adjust to the environment outside their organism.

Gabriel Torrens is one of the first with the Nobel laureate as a patron

The Excellence by Choice Postdoc programme is managed by UCMR and UPSC with Emmanuelle Charpentier as patron.


Studying the interplay between host cell and pathogen

Barbara Sixt wants to know how human cells can fight pathogenic bacteria.

Charpentier: "I really miss the atmosphere at Umeå University"

Words of praise, memories and laughter. Celebrating Umeå's first Nobel laureate via a live web link.

Chasing unusual bacterial toxins

Professor Teresa Frisan is researching how so-called genotoxins affect mammalian cells.

Genetic technology for the future

CRISPR-Cas9: Emmanuelle Charpentier's breakthroughs.

The biomedicine student who got on the plane to Umeå

"The course starts tomorrow!" Henry Bwanika just got on the plane to Umeå to start his student life.


Hamilton Microlab Star automated pipetting robot for step-wise ELISA preparation
Hamilton Microlab Star automated pipetting robot for step-wise ELISA preparation.
A research infrastructure under construction which includes a biobank and database for children and young adults in Västerbotten.
Personalised screening, risk prediction, and understanding disease trajectories for early detection of disease - An integrated cohort approach.
Umeå center for functional brain imaging (UFBI)
(UFBI) is an inter-disciplinary research center where imaging techniques are used to examine brain structure and function in relation to both basic...
Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB)
Biomedical research on experimental animals at Umeå University is organized within Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB).

Research projects

Bacterial membrane vesicles as a biomedical engineering platform
Duration 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2027
Type of project Research project
Epigenetic regulation by Polycomb-Trithorax system: leaving the mark on histones and other proteins
Duration 1 January 2022 until 31 December 2025
Type of project Research project
Duplicating the genome
Duration 1 January 2022 until 31 December 2024
Type of project Research project
Establishment of Photosynthesis, a Tale of Two Genomes
Duration 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2024
Type of project Research project
Chromosomal Gene Regulatory Systems and Chromosome-Specific Adaptations
Duration 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2024
Type of project Research project
"To live and let die"
Duration 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2023
Type of project Research project
Chromatin dynamics in the gigantic genome of Norway spruce
Duration 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2023
Type of project Research project

Research groups

Anders Hofer
We study biosynthetic pathways of nucleotides in T. brucei, G. lamblia, B. burgdorferi and other pathogens.
Anders Olofsson
Amyloid Fibrils and Cytotoxic Oligomers.
Andrei Chabes Lab
dNTPs and maintenance of genome stability.
Anna Arnqvist Lab
We study mechanisms for stochastic and tightly controlled regulation of Helicobacter pylori adhesins.
Danielson/Backman Laboratory
Lab of Professor Patrik Danielson and Associate Professor Ludvig Backman and co-workers.
David Cisneros Lab
Molecular biology of human bacterial symbionts.
Eric Libby lab
We are interested in how simple organisms evolve into complex ones.
Erik Johansson lab
We are studying on the molecular level how DNA replication is accomplished in eukaryotic cells.
Ignacio Mir-Sanchis Lab
Our group studies antimicrobial resistance - phage therapy.
Jan Larsson Lab
The research group is studying chromosome-specific gene regulation and chromosome specific adaptations.
Johan Henriksson Lab
Our group aims at integrating all regulatory mechanisms about T cells in a single predictive model
Jürgen Schleucher Lab
A biophysical approach to study climate change.
Lars-Anders Carlson Lab
Our group studies structure and mechanism of viral replication complexes.
Linda Sandblad lab
Electron microscopy methods to study bacteria cytoskeleton structure, assembly and spatial organization.