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Matrix Computations with Applications

The group Numerical Linear Algebra studies algorithms for complex numerical problems, usually involving computations on very large matrices.

The results of this research are important for applications in engineering and natural science that require computation-intensive numerical problems to be solved. Along with the theoretical work and the exploration of applications in, e.g., systems and control theory, the group also contributes to the further development of standard software libraries, such as LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, and the SLICOT library within the NICONET project.


Projects Matrix Computations with Applications.


Publications Matrix Computations with Applications.


Investing SEK 100 million in AI
Published: 12 Jun, 2019

The University is investing long-term on research in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems.

Umeå University to lead prestigious AI program
Published: 04 Jun, 2019

Umeå University will host a SEK 660 million initiative by the Wallenberg Foundations for research in AI.

An additional 20 million on AI competence
Published: 13 May, 2019

An additional SEK 20 million is invested by the Government in AI competence.

PhD students with a focus on cloud computing
Published: 10 May, 2019

PhD students attended a two-day course in cloud computing.

Nasdaq chooses Umeå and its university
Published: 04 Feb, 2019

As Cinnober becomes part of Nasdaq, Umeå will have a new global brand in town.