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Image: Mostphotos/Vladimir Kovalchuk


Here you can find a summary of the current (and past) projects that we are involved in Norrland

Current projects

How can mental health care services be integrated in youth clinics? A health policy and systems study

Funding: Forte, 2019-2021

Responsible: Isabel Goicolea

Strengthening community-based health systems through e-health innovations?

Funding: Forte, 2018-2020

Responsible: Anna Karin Hurtig

Health care access for rural youth on equal terms?

Funding: Forte, 2017-2019

Responsible: Isabel Goicolea

Health policy and systems research. Strengthening community based health systems

Funding: STINT, 2018-2020

Responsible: Anna Karin Hurtig

Impact of the free patient choice reform on population health and health inequalities in Sweden

Funding: Forte, 2017-2020

Responsible: Paola Mosquera

Past projects

Are health inequities rooted in the past?

Funding: Cofas, Forte, 2015-2017

Responsible: Paola Mosquera

How, why and under what circumstances are Swedish Youth Clinics youth friendly?

Funding: Forte, 2015-2016

Responsible: Isabel Goicolea

Applying an equity lens to cardiovascular disease prevention in northern Sweden

Funding: Forte, 2015-2017

Responsible: Miguel San SebastiƔn

Latest update: 2022-10-28