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Richard Lundmark Lab

Research group The research group studies membrane sculpting machineries.

We study proteins and mechanisms that are required to re-sculpture cellular membranes into highly curved vesicular structures, a necessity for trafficking, compartmentalization and balancing of the membrane integrity in cells. Membrane sculpting is fundamental for many cellular processes and malfunction is implicated in a broad range of human diseases. Our group is focused on understanding the underlying mechanisms for the importance of membrane sculpting during infection, cancer, mental retardation, obesity, and muscle and lipid dystrophies.

We use a wide array of techniques ranging from protein and lipid biochemistry, and structural analysis to advanced high speed imaging of molecules in living cells and correlative imaging approaches for ultra-structural resolution. For imaging, we have established the Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU), which is an open access facility that together with Umeå Centre for Electron Microscopy (UCEM) form a national node in correlative imaging.

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Head of research

Richard Lundmark
Professor, associate professor