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Research news

Discovery at Umeå University awarded 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Emmanuelle Charpentier has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation invests in infection medicine

The financial support is included in a national investment into Life Science.

Research news

Experience the dome theater in Curiosum on a festive special weekend!
Published: 2021-11-30

On the second of four special weekends at Curiosum, December 4-5, the dome theater and space is in focus.

Experiment with researchers during a festive special weekend at Curiosum
Published: 2022-02-17

19-20 February Curiosum continues to celebrate that the house opens up for visitors with experimental joy.

Expert lectures on antibiotic resistance in aquatic environments
Published: 2022-12-02

The collaboration with the researcher started through the South Africa - Sweden University Forum, SASUF.

Explaining the shape of a leaf with the help of systems biology
Published: 2019-06-03

Barbara Terebieniec has in her thesis identified genes that control the leaf shape of the European aspen.

Explores the evergreen Christmas tree with CRISPR-Cas9
Published: 2020-12-22

The evergreen Christmas tree is our economically most important plant and continuously researched.

Extensive recruitment for leading cloud research at Umeå University
Published: 2022-02-08

15 new positions further strengthen cloud research at Umeå University.

Extremely tough bacteria's resistance under the microscope
Published: 2022-08-02

Researchers reveal three-dimensional structure of a protein complex in the cell envelope of D. radiodurans.

Facilitation of process control by interactive measures
Published: 2020-02-27

Researchers want to facilitate process control by the use of interactive methods

Female MIMS scientists reflect on gender
Published: 2021-02-11

Today we celebrate International Day of Women in Science and draw attention to inequalities in academia.

Fernström Prize for research on bacterial cell walls
Published: 2018-09-14

Felipe Cava has been awarded the 2018 Fernström Prize at Umeå University. His research group...

Fertilisation reshapes the tree-fungi relationship in boreal forests
Published: 2022-06-22

A new study led by researchers from Umeå Plant Science Centre has shed light onto this cryptic association.

Finding a new way to uncover targets for future antibiotics
Published: 2021-02-23

Maria Fällman and Kemal Avican made their idea into a interdisciplinary project together with Icelab.

Forestry has little impact on the genetic diversity of the spruce
Published: 2021-06-18

Genetic variation in spruce does not differ significantly between cultivated and old forest in Västerbotten.

Four questions to Joacim on Icelab and the way to a new covid-19 project
Published: 2020-11-19

How does an idea sparked in a casual discussion move to a funded project?

Four questions to researcher Ellen Bushell - new Swedish Young Academy member
Published: 2020-10-21

Ellen tells us about how one becomes a member of the Swedish Young Academy and how she plans to use her time.