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Research news

Discovery at Umeå University awarded 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Emmanuelle Charpentier has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation invests in infection medicine

The financial support is included in a national investment into Life Science.

Research news

Climate researcher receives Umeå Municipality Scientific Award
Published: 17 Mar, 2020

Dominic Vachon receives the award for his research on greenhouse gases in inland waters.

Collaboration for future research
Published: 28 Dec, 2020

Focus at the workshop was research collaboration and boundaries between academia and the business community.

Collaboration with industry generates funding for solar energy researchers
Published: 09 Apr, 2019

Kempe Foundations grants SEK 700,000 to world-class spectrophotometer for the Department of Physics.

Continued career as a postdoc in nursing with a special focus on implementation
Published: 07 Sep, 2020

Susanna Pusa has been employed at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University in Stockholm.

Continuing her career in the waste handling field
Published: 18 May, 2020

After graduation, Mar Edo keeps working on the waste management industry.

CRISPR enzyme scissors cutting both DNA and RNA
Published: 29 Apr, 2016

Discoveries on the CRISPR-Cpf1 enzyme are expected to open up for new opportunities to edit genes...

Department of Computing Science is expanding rapidly
Published: 31 Mar, 2020

One of the reasons is the ongoing large investment in AI, autonomous systems and software.

Developing AI-robots for healthcare
Published: 02 May, 2020

AI robots that talk to humans are developed at Umeå University and the University Hospital of Umeå.

Developing molecules that disarm Listeria and Chlamydia bacteria
Published: 22 Nov, 2018

Martina Kulén develops new types of antibiotics that do not kill bacteria, but only disarm them.

Develops model for commercializing medical technology ideas
Published: 04 Apr, 2019

In May, Umeå researchers are launching an innovation model for product development in medical technology.

Diego Calvanese honored as ACM Fellow
Published: 19 Dec, 2019

Diego Calvanese, visiting Professor at the Department of Computing Science, has been named ACM Fellow.

Discover digital worlds together with Curiosum!riosum!
Published: 22 Nov, 2021

November 20-21, a festive Curiosum is filled with digital creation, robots, gaming and film premiere.

Distribution of vertebrates redefines temperate and cold climate regions
Published: 18 Feb, 2021

Umeå researchers establish climate regions based on vertebrates' distribution in a new study in eLife.

Do we have the right incentives to promote a more circular economy?
Published: 16 Nov, 2020

A new thesis analyzes the effects of incentives aiming to create a more circular economy.

Doctoral student selected for Nobel meeting in Germany
Published: 04 Apr, 2019

Together with other young scientists Casper de Lichtenberg will meet with Nobel laureates in Germany.