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Research group Our research activities focus on biogeochemical processes and environmental change impacts in northern terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

Interactions between abiotic factors and biotic processes in boreal and arctic soils, waters and sediments are of particular interest. Terrestrial projects focus on the cycling of nutrients (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur) and contaminants (Hg, Pb and persistent organic pollutants) in soils. In the aquatic projects we study; 1) effects of allochthonous organic matter on production and respiration in lakes; 2) emission of carbon dioxide and methane from lakes and streams; 3) the influence of climate and nitrogen deposition on lake ecosystem function. An important part is to integrate research on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in order to understand the function of northern ecosystems and their response to environmental change. Research is carried out in cooperation with different Swedish and international universities and the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) in Abisko. The research includes comparative studies across climatic gradients in northern Sweden (boreal-alpine/arctic) as well as experimental studies in laboratory and field.

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Department of Ecology and Environmental Science

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Earth science