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Jonas Buren

My interest and research focus involves metabolic diseases, nutrition, and dietary interventions.

Research qualifications: Docent



Works at

Lärarutbildningshuset, Plan 4, Lärarutbildningshuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

For some time now, I have been developing a nutrition-focused research profile with a focus on health, metabolism, sports nutrition, and various types of dietary interventions. Recently, together with one of my colleagues, Anna Sjödin, I conducted a randomized, controlled crossover study in which research subjects had the opportunity to try two different diets, one following the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) and one Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF) diet (see the study's video). The first publication from the study was released in 2020. Link to the study.

I am interested in both expanding existing collaborations and initiating new ones within the field of nutrition. Students who are interested in writing thesis papers at the bachelor's or master's level in this area are also welcome to get in touch. I am also part of the Sports Sciences Research Network at Umeå University.

Most of my previous research activities have focused on adipose tissue as an endocrine organ and the consequences of adipose tissue dysfunction for metabolic disease. During my PhD period I developed an expertise in fat cell metabolism. My doctoral thesis focused on cellular mechanisms for insulin resistance that may be of relevance for type 2 diabetes. During my post doc period I studied tissue-specific cortisol metabolism in detail and its role in obesity and metabolic dysregulation. Later on, as an independent researcher, I studied adipose tissue inflammation and obesity-related disease (immune response and metabolic regulation are highly integrated). 

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I primarily teach in the courses/modules Physiology for Dietetics, Sports Nutrition, Food Chemistry, Nutritional Chemistry, Nutritional Physiology, and Metabolism.