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Martin Servin

I am devoted to digital physics, with a particular focus on computational modelling and simulation of granular materials, robots and vehicles - essential for AI-based control and perception.



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Physics Section: UMIT
MIT-huset, byggnad V, UMIT Research Lab , UMIT-lab Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I lead a research group that works with digital physics, its computational science basics and applications in automation and robotics. Digital physics is the art of creating virtual worlds that behave according to the laws of physics. This enables controlled experiments with machines and robots that do not yet exist - in a safe and resource-efficient way. Fast simulations of realistic scenarios are essential for AI-based control and perception, which requires large amounts of training data. In the research group, we specialize in simulation technology for granular materials as well as vehicles and robots that traverse rough terrain, dig, load and transport.

Read more about the research group Digital Physics and UMIT Research Lab.


My research career began with a doctoral degree at Umeå University in 2003 with Professor Lennart Stenflo and Gert Bodin as supervisors. My dissertation focused on the interaction between gravity radiation and electromagnetic radiation in plasma. I specialised in real-time physics simulation after 2003 when I came in contact with VRlab at Umeå University, which was later spun off in the company Algoryx Simulations, and the research initiative Intelligent Vehicles Off-Road (IFOR).

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Research groups

Head of research
Digital Physics