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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 27 November 2020)


Department of Medical Biosciences


Agnes Ling, associate professor, assistant professor, resident physician
Agneta Öberg, laboratory technician
Alexej Schmidt, senior research engineer
Carina Ahlgren, financial administrator
Carl Zingmark, research engineer
Clara Olsson, laboratory assistant
Clas Wikström, administrative secretary

I tend to procurement of products and services at the department as well as making sure our locals and equipment are functioning and suitable for our needs.

Cyrinne Achour, doctoral student
Elin Thysell, senior research engineer
Erik Djusberg, research assistant
Eva Lundin, professor, senior consultant (attending) physician
Francesca Aguilo, assistant professor
Guangxiang Zang, senior research engineer
Helena Järemo, doctoral student, doctoral student (absent)
Irina Golovleva, adjunct associate professor
Jie Song, postdoctoral position, senior research engineer
Johan Hultdin, associate professor, senior consultant (attending) physician
Julius Semenas, postdoctoral fellow
Karin Nylander, professor, senior consultant dentist
Kristina Stefansson, physician, assistant professor, resident physician
Laura Leykam, project assistant
Lennart Österman, senior research engineer
Linda Boldrup, senior research engineer
Lixiao Wang, senior research engineer
Magnus Hultdin, associate professor, senior consultant (attending) physician
Maréne Landström, professor, senior consultant (attending) physician

My group and I are researching to develop new, better cancer drugs and predictive biomarkers for the development of aggressive cancers. Among other things, we use the CRISPR / Cas9 method.

Maria Brattsand, senior research engineer
Maria Nilsson, doctoral student, research assistant
Marie Lundholm, senior research engineer
Matthew Marklund, senior research engineer
Mattias Landfors, senior research engineer
Mona Shirdel, doctoral student
Per Flodbring Larsson, senior research engineer
Per Zetterström, senior research engineer (absent)
Pia Osterman, research engineer
Richard Palmqvist, professor, senior consultant (attending) physician
Robin Fåhraeus, associate professor
Sa Chen, senior research engineer
Sandhya Malla, doctoral student
Sofia Edin, senior research engineer
Sofia Halin Bergström, senior research engineer
Susanne Gidlund, research engineer
Terry Persson, administrative coordinator
Thomas Brännström, professor, senior consultant (attending) physician
Torbjörn Nilsson, professor, senior consultant (attending) physician

PhD thesis 1982, Research Fellow (Sw. docent) and Senior Consultant 1991, Professor of Biomedicine (Örebro) 2001, Professor and Senior Consultant in Clinical Chemistry, Umeå University 2013.

Vicky Bronnec, postdoctoral position, senior research assistant
Xiaolian Gu, senior research engineer
Xingru Li, senior research engineer (absent)
Yabing Mu, senior research engineer
Åsa Stenberg, laboratory technician