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Department of Science and Mathematics Education


Anette Bagger, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Researcher and Senior Lecturer with and interest in matemathics and special educatione. Special interests: equity, assessment, sociopolitical issues.

Karolina Broman, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Since I started working at the university in 2001, my focus has been teaching in science for secondary and upper secondary teacher students. I'm the programme coordinator for teacher education for upper secondary education and the Bridging Teacher Education Programme. In research, I study students' learning and interest in chemistry.

Madelen Bodin, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I teach and do research within science education. I am specialized in the use of digital tools and environment in terms of interactive visualization and simulation in science education. I am also deputy head of department and responsible for doctoral studies at our department.

Magnus Österholm, researcher

Associate Professor (Docent) of Mathematics Education. Primary research field: The role of language and communication in the learning and teaching of mathematics.