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Umeå Institute of Design (UID)


Adrian Löwander

Department administrator at Umeå Institute of Design with responsibility for study administration and admission to the Bachelor programme in Industrial Design and the PhD programme.

Ambra Trotto
Anja Neidhardt
Birgitta Sundberg

Working primarily with education and study administration issues related to programmes and courses at Umeå Institute of Design

Brendon Clark

I am Associate Professor in design anthropology Umeå Institute of Design and the Director of PhD Studies. 

Catharina Henje
Cindy Kohtala

Professor in Design for Sustainability. Research interest in grassroots participatory processes that explore sustainability and localizing design and technology. Design and STS.

Corné de Beer

I am the Accountant, speak to me if you have any financial queries.

Daniela Bohlinger
Danielle Wilde

My research and teaching raise questions around the social, ecological and material sustainability of human action, and the role of design therein.

David Risberg

Reserach Engineer with the workshop as main area of responsibility. Consult me when you need help with modelmaking och prototyping, or with other technical question (but not IT).

Demian Horst

I am responsible to manage and secure the operation of the institute within given frameworks, and to lead the staff by promoting development and collaboration connected to our goals and visions.

Erica Fjällström
Heather Wiltse

I am associate professor in design for the data-intensive society at Umeå Institute of Design, where I am currently leading a project called “Design Philosophy for Things That Change”.

Jens Mann
Jens Persson

I strive to make Umeå Institute of Design visible to society, industry, researchers and prospective students. I oversee the development and implementation of communications strategies.

Jonas Sandström
Linnea Dimitriou

I am a practising artist and responsible for the part time life drawing courses taught at UID. 



Maria Göransdotter

I am associate professor in design history and design theory at Umeå Institute of Design, and hold a PhD in industrial design. 

Marije de Haas

I am a lecturer and researcher at Umeå Institute of Design where I focus on conecept and ideas.

Markus Leszczyk
Monica Lindh-Karlsson
Niklas Andersson

Lecturer at Umeå Intitute of Design teaching Interaction Design, Design Methods, Graphic Design, Sustainable Development and Presentation Techniques.

Pamela Gil-Salas
Patrik Mattsson

Working as a teacher at UID, I teach design and computer-aided 3D tools. Educates and supervises the workshops, CNC machines and 3D printers.

Has the role of fire safety representative at UID.

Rickard Åström

Research engineer running UID's interaction lab and lending out gadgets and equipment. I teach electronics and programming on a practical level for the students that wants to use it in their design.

Seda Özçetin
Sven-Erik Hilberer

I work with technical equipment, IT and system management-related matters.

Thomas Degn

Associate Professor in Industrial Design. Degree of Master of Arts in Advanced Product Design. Director for the MFA programme in Advanced Product Design.

Tomas Lindehell

Lecturer Design College. Teaches and communicates processes, workflows, and computer-aided tools, to design students, to create 3D models and visualisations.