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Personalbild Per Boström

Per Boström

+46 90 786 59 81

A, Humanisthuset, korridor HA1 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Doctoral candidate exploring how ROMANTIC LOVE is metaphorized in spoken Swedish.

  • Presentation

    My dissertation explores the metaphorization of the concept ROMANTIC LOVE in spoken Swedish. Is it metaphorized as an uncontrolled force? Or a journey? Or a container? 

    The study departs from Conceptual Metaphor Theory (e.g. Lakoff & Johnson, 1980, 1999) but employs a Discourse Dynamics Framework (e.g. Cameron, 2003, 2011) as a way of exploring metaphorization in spoken language in use. The data comes from group conversations where love is the conversation topic. 

    The dissertation aims to uncover how ROMANTIC LOVE is metaphorized in spoken Swedish, and will contribute to a more detailed understanding of how love is understood and talked about.