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Student Services

Our mission statement is: "With a student focused perspective and by providing good service, having the right skills and maintaining high quality, we create the best opportunities for the student's path through the university."

Student Services is responsible for the education administrative processes for admission, degrees and transfer of credits. We offer study guidance and coordinate support for students with disabilities. This includes the Student Health Service, working with health promotion and prevention for students. We manage, and train employees in, the study administration systems Selma, Ladok and Web-ISP. Student Services is part of the University Administration and comprises about 50 employees.

Students with questions should contact Infocenter.

Read more about our areas below. To contact us, see link further down on this page.

Admissions Office

We verify eligibility and selection for admission to first- and second-cycle degree programmes and courses.

At the Admissions Office, we also review applications for recognition of prior learning and make decisions regarding exemptions for eligibility requirements. Our responsibilities also include making decisions about deferment of studies, and statements in appeal cases concerning admission to education.

Degree Evaluation Office

We are responsible for the processes and regulations regarding degree certificates and transfer of credits.

The Degree Evaluation Office is the decision-making and administrative authority regarding degree certificate matters at first, second and third cycles for all faculties. We handle the applications and make decisions regarding transfer of credits at first and second cycle.

We provide information on which degrees are issued at Umeå University, which regulations that apply for degrees and transfer of credits, as well as about the student's application process.

Read more about degrees and transfer of credits.

Student Records Office

The Student Records Office is responsible for the system administration of the Ladok system, the database for courses and education named Selma, and the Web-ISP system (individual study plan for doctoral students).

Included in the responsibilities for system administration is planning, maintenance, quality assurance, and informing about, supporting and training in the systems. Furthermore, we provide both internal and external parties with information from the databases, for example data to the university's annual report.

Student Health Service

The Student Health Service has the commission to work with health promotion and prevention. We provide support to students in matters relating to their physical, mental or psychosocial health situation. 

At the Student Health Service we have social counsellors, nurses, physiotherapists and a public health workers. We are available to all students at Umeå University, regardless of their place of study or residence. We are also available for students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Read more about the Student Health Services support for students.

Student Support and Guidance

We provide study guidance and information on university studies. We also hold the coordinating responsibility for the university's support for students with disabilities.

In collaboration with the departments, we are working to enable for all students to be successful in their studies. We organize meetings and short courses for employees within the framework of a student support network. Our field of work also includes student law issues.

More information about study guidance for applicants and students can be found on the education website and student website, respectively.

Read more about support for students with disabilities on the student website.

Directorate/Communications Office

The director and the communcations officer at Student Services have the overall responsibility for management and communication, respectively.

The executive leadership at Student Services is carried out by the directorate, which is built up by the director for Student Services, together with the executives for the five areas of activity and the communications officer.