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Studying whilst being a parent

Do you have or are expecting a child? If so, you may need to learn what rights you have as a parent and what support you can receive when it comes to your studies.

There are rules to simplify for parents to study. This page provides information to support you.

Access your course schedule

A schedule outlining times and dates for teaching and examination for the first weeks of the course must be available in ample time before the start of the course period.
Learn more about scheduling in our rules for study administration

Exam scheduling

Regular exams must normally be scheduled on a weekday, Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00 during the course period. Taking into consideration that some students have children, the regular exam and the retake must be given on different weekdays.
Learn more about exams, retakes and grades in Rules for grades and examination

Children in university premises

As a rule, underage children are not allowed in teaching activities such as lectures, but you may be allowed to bring a child in exceptional cases. In such cases, you must first ask permission from the head of department to which your course belongs. There are no prohibitions to bringing children to the University’s public premises.
Learn more about what you may and may not do in Rules for premises

Placements and clinical training (VFU)

As a parent taking a course or programme that includes any form of workplace training, you can apply for priority in where your training is placed.
Learn more in Rules for placements and study visits

If you need to take approved leave from studies

If you plan to stay at home for an extended period to look after your child, you can apply for an approved leave from studies.
Learn more about approved leave from studies

Latest update: 2022-05-02