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Kiril Prikazcik

b. 1999, Visaginas, Lithuania


Guilts From Childhood, 2023

Bread Tasted Better When Everyone Was Home, 2023

Paralyzing Truth, Where Even Water Sets You on Fire, 2023

Time Is Healing Without You, 2023

Loyalty, Painted in A Beautiful, Destructive Way, That Even

Birds Came Flying to Your Arms, 2023

Series of paintings: gouache on paper


Can a landscape carry emotion and awaken forgotten memories? Can they lead you to become aware of your hidden emotions? These are the questions explored in Kiril Prikazcik’s landscape paintings. The emotions and memories take shape as landscapes, presenting the viewer with just one of many variations in how the said emotion or memory could look. His work argues that emotions are a spectrum and that everyone perceives the same emotions differently. One person’s happiness could be experienced as sadness by someone else.

Kiril Prikazcik works with imaginary landscapes, which are born from unpredictable thoughts, feelings or emotions. They act as his diary pages. The work invites everyone to open up to each other and share how the paintings have made them feel, and if they have helped them to remember something dear but forgotten.

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