Olikfärgad bakgrund
Image: Olga Gniadzik

Everything will be alright

The MFA1 students presented works in the exhibition EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

The works could be seen in all windows to the Hospital Library and Galleri Alva during 2 - 12 March around the clock and consists of video, paintings, drawings, sculpture and sound works. All works addressed the place and the current situation.


Ellen Macke Alström
Desirée Burenstrand
Olga Gniadzik
Oscar Häggström
Matouš Hájek
Therése Lundin
Christoffer Mahlknecht
Abdullah Mohammad
Gabriella Novak
Anastasia Savinova
Joakim Tano

Poster designed by Olga Gniadzik

Latest update: 2024-04-18