MFA2 examensutställning 2024
Image: Senja Penttilä


Degree exhibition of the Master students in Fine Arts

This year’s degree show from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University presents works by Ángela Abuja Miranda, Ida Boman, Josefine Borgström, Simon H Danielsson, Maja Gregor, Juni Liv Uma (Maria Bengtsson), Beatriz Martins, Laoise Ní Ghríofa, Janina Renström, Raphael Vargas and Ágnes Vokatá, all of whom are graduating from the Master’s Programme in Fine Arts. Curator and principal supervisor is artist Annika Eriksson.

The degree show at Bildmuseet is the culmination of a period of intensive work, research, and discussion. During the master’s programme – the highest level of education in Fine Arts – students will have developed their artistic practice and explored the history and contemporary social relevance of art and its current themes and status. For you as a visitor, the exhibition offers insights into the discourse on contemporary art and studies of its techniques and materials.

The exhibition is on display at Bildmuseet and runs from 24 May to 18 August.

Latest update: 2024-06-20