Gula mönster på grå botten
Image: Otis Huss

Vulkaner och andra utbrott

Degree exhibition of the Bachelor students in Fine Arts

Welcome to Vulkaner och andra utbrott, a degree exhibition by the bachelor students in fine arts at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases three years of studies by 16 artists. 

The cycle from solid to liquid to gas. Painterly stiffness and embedded sensations contrasted with slow, sudden emotional bonds dissolved like rain against magma. A horizon in constant motion that is impossible to grasp.

The exhibition starts with an opening on Saturday, 18 May at 13:00.

Opening on 18 May at 13:00
19 May – 2 June from 12:00 - 18:00 (Smedjan closes at 17:00)

The exhibition spreads across six locations, including two outdoor works. All within walking distance from the Arts Campus.

Arts Campus, Östra Strandgatan 28, entrance by the river



Lisa Bister, Amanda Angeli Blombäck, Tim Bohlin, Clara Diab, Michaela Frycklund, Albin Limnell, Jonna Lindahl, Miriam Lindgren, Joanne Löfling, Sara Millak, Malin Nygren, Petter Olofsson, David Varhelyi, Amalia Wänman, Fanny Åberg, Tin Åling

Latest update: 2024-05-16