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Listen to five professors share their views on the positive research climate at Umeå University.

Open, non-hierarchical and modern research environment at Umeå University

To be honest, I love it. When I came I was excited about the completely different environment to Russia. It's more open and easier to communicate.

Lev Novikov, Professor in Anatomy at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology at Umeå University


Umeå University is a very open university. It's a very flat, non-hierarchical environment where a lot of people find it easy to get to know each other.

Camilla Sandström, Professor in Political Science at the Department of Political Science at Umeå University


Compared to Finland there is much more international people here and in that way a good environment.

Mikko Lammi, Professor in Histology at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology at Umeå University


The facilities are good, supported and well-managed. There's a broad and international outlook.

Oliver Billker, Professor in Biotechnology and Director of MIMS, Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden at Umeå University


We have a campus with close access to everyone from different disciplines and I'm sure that this special environment with humble and curious people has helped me in my research to reach out beyond my own field.

Lotta Vikström, Professor in History at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Umeå University


Latest update: 2023-06-14