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Join EEES 2022

The number of participants for EEES 2022 will be limited to 30 to provide opportunities for close interaction in a safe and supportive atmosphere. We will select participants based on prior engagement in the Emotions in Engineering Education Network; cultural, disciplinary, and gender diversity; and voluntary contributions to organizing the symposium and ensuring it runs smoothly (e.g., suggesting and/or leading symposium activities, taking notes during work sessions, setting up collaborative platforms, …). We welcome both experienced researchers and those new to engineering education research and/or emotion research.

To apply for participation in EEES 2022, please fill in this form by 15 March 2022. We aim to select participants by 1 April 2022.

Please note that the keynote lectures (see above) are open to a larger audience, both on site in Umeå and via a live webinar. Registration for these lectures will open later. Selected EEES 2022 participants will not have to register separately for the keynote lectures.

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