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Emotions in Engineering Education Symposium 2022

EEES 2022 – The second international Emotions in Engineering Education Symposium - will take place at Umeå University in Sweden, 12-14 October 2022.

EEES 2022 will contribute to further consolidating, strengthening, and expanding the emerging research field Emotions in Engineering Education. During the symposium, participants will engage in in-depth discussions and workshops. Activities will focus on connecting existing research projects, identifying research gaps and opportunities for future research, and critically exploring implications for engineering education practice.

The symposium is designed to achieve tangible outcomes, such as:

  • Mutual, respectful learning across disciplines and cultures
  • Strengthened networks between participants
  • An outline of important areas for future research
  • New international research collaborations
  • A first draft of a collaboratively developed research agenda for the field.
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