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Symposium Ethos

During this symposium, we will not only talk about emotions, but we will also do and experience emotions, individually and collectively. Therefore, openness to new perspectives and experiences, mutual respect, and empathy are the basis for all activities during the symposium. The symposium schedule will be preliminary and may change during the symposium to attend to emerging interests and concerns in the group.

The main focus of the symposium will be on interaction and collaboration. We will have limited time for participant presentations, but most sessions will focus on in-depth discussions and workshops, exploring how we can move the research field forwards together. Examples of activities include:

  • Critical discussions about the purposes of engaging in research on emotions in engineering education, who benefits from certain research and teaching practices, and who may be excluded
  • Work sessions to initiate new, international research collaborations (e.g., plan co-authored papers/funding applications, plan seminars or other events, formulate goals for the research network)
  • Work sessions to begin drafting a research agenda for the field
  • Discussions and workshops for collaborative learning (e.g., trying out specific methods of analysis, developing an understanding of the broad range of research on emotions in engineering education).

To support these activities, we will arrange two inspirational keynote lectures. These lectures will provide different perspectives on research on emotions in education.

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