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AI Education Kaleidoscope

Tid Onsdag 19 april, 2023 kl. 09:00 - 14:00
Plats MIT huset MC 323 och 333 eller ZOOM


09:00-09:05     Introduction: Education and AI

Jenny Persson, AI Council, Faculty of Medicine: MAI

Chair: Jenny Persson

09:05-09:15     MAI: Who we are and what we do, Anna Lundberg, AI Council, Faculty of Medicine

09:15-09:30     AI in Medicine, Health, and Education programs, Nina Sundström, AI Council, Umeå University

09:30-09:40     Human-Centered AI for Health, Autonomy and Wellbeing, Pedro Sanches

Pitches of AI Education (10 min/per pitch)

Chair: Anders Garpebring

09:40-09:50     Teaching machine learning: Challenges and opportunities, Johan Henriksson, Faculty of Science and Technology

09:50-10:00     Using AI-based technology for mediating presence to increase the sense of “being there” in a hybrid learning environment? Eva Mårell Ohlsson, Faculty of Social Science

10:00-10:10     Master program collaborations Medfak-Teknat, Helena Lindgren, Faculty of Science and Technology

10:10-10:25     Coffee break               

Pitches of AI Education (10 min/per pitch)

10:25-10:35     E-health Lab, Karin Wadell, Faculty of Medicine

10:35-10:45     Use of virtual reality in trauma care simulation, Markku Haapamäki, Faculty of Medicine

10:45-10:55     The Student and ChatGPT, Karl Nyberg, Medical student, Faculty of Medicine

10:55-11:05     Clinical nurses collaborating with AI students, Madeleine Blusi, Faculty of Medicine

11:05-11:15     Trustworthy AI? Juan Carlos, Faculty of Science and Technology


11.15-13:30     Lunch and Round-Table Group Discussions (participants and speakers)

Topics: What types of AI courses do we need in our teaching programs? How should we plan for course development etc?

Chairs: Madeleine Blusi, Nina Sundström and Anders Garpebring.

13:30-13:45     Concluding Remarks:

Anders Garpebring, Vice Chair AI Council at the Faculty of Medicine


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Anna Lundberg
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Madeleine Blusi
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