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Nils Franzén: Om framtidens öppenhet

Tid Onsdag 9 februari, 2022 kl. 13:15 - 15:00
Plats Online via Zoom

Högre seminariet i filosofi bjuder in till seminarium med Nils Franzén, Umeå universitet. Seminariet har den engelska titeln "Openness and Mutability".

Abstract (på engelska): It’s a fundamental feature of our experience of the world that the past appears to us as settled, whereas part of what is to come is not yet settled. What I had for breakfast yesterday is already determined, and so is the year of the battle of Blenheim. What I will have for breakfast tomorrow is not settled, and neither are the results of the winter Olympics in 2030. The past is closed, the future is open. In this presentation, I criticize the view that the openness of the future is manifested by contingent statements about the future being neither true nor false. In its place, I explore a diagnosis on which the pretheoretical openness of the future resides in its mutability.

Observera att seminariet ges på engelska. Alla intresserade är välkomna att delta!

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