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Familjen: en enhet med moralisk status?

Tid Onsdag 22 maj, 2019 kl. 13:15 - 15:00
Plats HD108

Högre seminariet i filosofi och vetenskapsteori bjuder in till seminairum med Sabine Hohl, Bern, som talar på temat "The family: An entity with moral status?"


The family is often treated as a unit with moral status. This has important practical consequences. The grounds for ascribing moral status to the family are, however, rather unclear, and doing so also seems to have ethically undesirable implications. The paper investigates the methodological and ethical bases for assigning the family moral status and/ or moral value and argues that it is preferable to focus on individuals’ rights and duties rather than on the family as a unit.

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Sabine Hohl, Bern.

Pär Sundström
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