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Publicerad: 2016-05-18

Doktorandkurs i Neuroimaging vid Karolinska Institutet (oktober 2016)

I Oktober 2016 kommer det hållas en doktorandkurs vid Karolinska Institutet med titeln: "Integration of neuroimaging and cognition in normal aging and dementia".

This course focuses on the study of the neural bases of cognitive decline in normal aging and dementia. The main neuroimaging methods included in this course are: Structural MRI (including volumetry and DTI), functional MRI, molecular PET and MRI (neurotransmission (e.g., dopamine) and markers of Alzheimer's disease amyloid-beta, iron). Each day of the course constitutes a specific subtopic.

Mer information finns i forskarutbildningskatalogen: https://server-u5.webbpublicering.umu.se/infoglueDeliverWorking/ufbi/english/news/.cid268966