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October 2014

23 October–24 October

8th interdisciplinary conference for the University Network of the European Capitals of Culture

Conference Annual conference for universities in European Cultural Capitals. The 2014 conference was held in Marseille, this year in Umeå.

24 October at 12:10–12:50


Culture on Campus The group ÁRA takes a prominent place between Sami tradition and visionary energy. Their first album titled “O” created new ways for yoik as an art form, a musical meeting that bridged cultural boundaries.

27 October at 13:00–15:30

How to attract students's interest in Mathematics using puzzles and mathematical magic tricks.

Lecture Michael Lambrou from the University of Crete lectures on mathematical puzzles and mathematical magic tricks.

30 October at 18:30–20:00

Artist presentation

Lecture The artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer gives a presentation of his work. His exhibition A Draft of Shadows opens on November 2 at Bildmuseet.

November 2014

2 November at 14:00–18:00

Opening of three exhibitions

Exhibition The exhibitions Rafael Lozano-Hemmer/ A Draft of Shadows, Anders Sunna and Campanas opens.

3 November–4 November

Family relationships: ethical and legal aspects

Workshop Workshop at Umeå University concerning ethical and legal aspects of family relationships.

4 November at 13:00–14:30

Reference management system Zotero

Course/education Basic introduction to the reference management system Zotero.

5 November at 12:10–12:55

Till häst genom Västerbotten

Culture on Campus Sven Björklund and Olof Wretling talks about the book ”Till häst genom Västerbotten” (By horse through Västerbotten) and gives excerpts from the show.

6 November at 12:00–13:00

Arcum Lunch Seminar

Seminar Thursday 6 November, 12.00-13.00 in Triple Helix, Samverkanshuset Arcum invites to the third seminar in the Arcum Lunch Seminar Series during autumn 2014.

9 November at 12:00–17:00

Patch up in plastic and wool

Other - Do you have a shirt with a hole, a broken handle, or an ugly I phone case? Patch up in plastic and wool. Workshop with Jonas Nobel, Ugly Cute in the Creative Workshop.

11 November–12 November


Conference Annual conference at KBC for scientists and staff at KBC. Interested collaboration partners and guests are welcome!

11 November at 13:15–15:00

Margareta Tillberg - Dissent and Industrial Espionage: Design in the Soviet Union during the Cold War

Seminar series The research seminar series in History of Science and Ideas together with Umeå Studies in Science, Technology and Environment invites you to a seminar with Margareta Tillberg (Stockholm University).

13 November at 09:00–12:00

Short course: Optimising the quality of video tutorials

Course/education Online lectures are widely becoming the norm in education at all levels. If you have studied online you have probably experienced a wide variation in quality. This is a hands-on workshop which guides you to becoming an expert.

16 November at 14:00–15:00

The curator gives a guided tour

Other Curator Cecilia Andersson gives a guided tour of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer / A Draft of Shadows

19 November at 13:15–15:00

Doing Global Social Science: Issues, Problems and Challenges

Seminar Sujata Patel, Department of Sociology, University of Hyderabad.

30 November at 14:00–15:20

Dance Performance: Movement’s Corner

Other Time: 14:00 and 15:00. Duration: 20 min.

December 2014

13 December at 11:00–15:00

Pilgatans julmarknad (Christmas Market at Pilgatan)

Other A collaboration between Bokcafé Pilgatan, Kreativ Kollektiv, Verkligheten, ABF and Bildmuseet.

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