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February 2018

25 February at 14:00–15:00

First World War - 20th Century Disaster

Lecture Historian Jacob Stridsman, Umeå University, gives a lecture in Bildmuseet's Dada exhibition. Dada began in 1916 as a reaction to the on-going First World War.

March 2018

4 March at 14:00–15:00

Land Conflicts and the Sami Use of Land

Lecture As a part of the Sami Week, legal scholar Malin Brännström gives a public talk at Bildmuseet. On conflicts over land where Sami people are forced to prove prescription from time immemorial.

11 March at 14:00–15:00

Lars Nittve on Duchamp's Bottle Drier

Lecture Lars Nittve, former director for famous art museums around the world, givas a public talk in Bildmuseet's exhibition Dada is dada. On how Duchamp expanded the concept of art and how a simple bottle drier liberated artists in China.

25 March at 14:00–15:00

Dada and the Yiddish culture of Eastern European Jews

Lecture A lecture by Tom Sandqvist, art historian, professor of art theory, and author of Dada Öst.

April 2018

15 April at 14:00–15:00

Dada and dance

Lecture A lecture by historian of ideas and dance writer Britt-Marie Styrke in conjunction to the exhibition Dada is Dada. She will focus on the female dance artists in the avant-garde of the early 20th century and among the circle of Dadaists.

22 April at 14:00–15:00

Artic Change

Lecture Rainer Giesler, Professor of Terrestrial Ecology at Umeå University, gives a lecture in conjunction to John Akomfrah´s Purple.

May 2018

6 May at 14:00–15:00

The Genesis and Lesson Learned of Dada

Lecture A lecure by Adrian Notz, director at Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich and one of the curators of the Dada is dada exhibition.

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