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Learning and ICT

The research group Learning and ICT (LICT) at the Department of Education has for nearly 15 years focused on issues related to the implementation, integration and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in educational practices. There are many opportunities associated with the use of ICT, but also challenges, which must be identified and resolved.

Today, ICT is abundantly present in Swedish society and its pedagogics. Within LICT we are interested in the eductaional pracitices of, among other contexts, schools, universities, police and fire departments and private companies - where ICT is used in activities that promote learning and organizational development.

Examples of research questions

  • How do organizations work to strategically and operationally use ICT in a way that creates opportunities for sustainable organizational and workplace learning?
  • What methods can be developed and applied to evaluate different aspects of the implementation and use of new technologies in the public and private sectors?
  • How can technology-rich environments be designed to encourage specific teaching and learning processes and outcomes?
  • How has the introduction of ICT in education and in the workplace contributed to changing understandings of the assessment and methods for evaluating activities?

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