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The department currently has about 120 employees, who work with education, research, administration and development work within school and educational activities. The department has two postgraduate courses that lead to a licentiate or doctorate degree; Behavioral science measurements and Educational work.

The department's research, which is mainly financed externally through research councils, is largely concentrated on the following five areas; Preschool and leisure-time centres; ICT and learning; Large-scale knowledge surveys; Education policy and young people's transitions and Evaluation.

Research Profiles

ARED - Applied Research on Education and Digitalisation

ARED has a a joint interest in the digitalisation of school, teacher education, and society

Measurement in Behavioral Sciences

Measurement and assessment of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes, regularly take place in our society,...

Research on Early Childhood Education

RECEUM conducts research on early childhood education and school-age educare.

Education Policy, and Youth Transitions

The profile includes research on education and training policy and politics as well as research on young peopl...

Latest update: 2022-08-12