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Education Policy, and Youth Transitions

Research group The profile includes research on education and training policy and politics as well as research on young people's careers in upper secondary school examined through individual, institutional and political perspectives. The emphasis in the UPU research is on the Swedish conditions and settings, but is generally related to Nordic, European and global contexts.

UPU engages about 20 senior and junior researchers, most from the Department of Applied Educational Sciences (TUV). The researchers come from several disciplines, such as educational work, pedagogy, social work, and political science. UPU's research is of high relevance for the education and training of teachers and school leaders. In relation to the Study and Vocational Counselor Education in Sweden, UPU, with its research focus on young people's transitions and career choices, is today the foremost research environment in the country.

The profile is led by Lisbeth Lundahl at the Department of Applied Educational Sciences.

Under the heading Research Projects, you will find more information about research activities, project work and publications, that includes researchers from the Department of Applied Educational Sciences. For more information about individual researchers, see each individual's website.

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Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Applied Educational Science Research

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Educational sciences
Lisbeth Lundahl, TUV, is appointed honorary doctor

Lisbeth Lundahl, TUV, is appointed honorary doctor at the University of Turku

Latest update: 2022-08-15