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Faculty and staff

Here you will find teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. For a list of those affiliated with the Department, such as Emeriti, research students and part time teachers, please click the link Show Affiliated Staff.

Affiliated staff

Alan Zayed

Old Testament exegesis, researching the origins of the concept of the divine council, as documented in the Hebrew Bible and ANE records, and its influence on the rise of Monotheism in early Israel.

Anna Sténs
Charlott Wikström
David Wiljebrand
Hanna Vikström

I am a post-doc interested in resource history, specifically studying global resource flows and how trade relations have been negotiated.


Ingvar Johansson

For presentation and publications, see my home page:


Jonas Liliequist

Professor emeritus of history

Jonatan Samuelsson

Researcher working on the history of medical journalism in post-war Sweden.

Julia Falk
Karin Viklund
Kerstin Thörn
Kjell Jonsson
Lena Eskilsson
Malcolm Christopher Lillie

Professor of Archaeology

Martin Edman
Per Håkan Ramqvist
Peter Bennesved
Petra Green
Roger Engelmark
Sebastian Östlund

I am a PhD student in philosophy. My research revolves around axiology applied within the field of political philosophy, with a special focus on the capability approach framework.

Tom Ericsson
Torfinn Huvenes
Åsa Bergenheim
Latest update: 2019-05-10