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Agnetha Frick

For all matters concerning study administration and study guidance please use the following e-mail address: studentsupport.informatik@umu.se

Anders Lundström

Current Research Areas:
- Human-Powered Interactions and Energy-Sensitive Design
- VR in Healthcare
- Range displays in Electric Vehicles

Anna Croon

I am an associate professor (docent) in Informatics with a particular interest in critical HCI. 

Annakarin Nyberg
Charlotte Wiberg
Dan Johansson
Daniel Nylen
Daniel Skog
Daniel Skog

Assistant professor at the Department of Informatics and Swedish Center for Digital Innovation, SCDI.

Erik Campano

Disseration: Artificially Intelligent Medical Technologies: Ethical Tools for Developers and Users

Erika Valderrama
Fatemeh Moradi

I am an HCI researcher and the coordinator of our HCIUX master's program. I use a design thinking approach to gain an understanding of impactful change in society.

Hengqi Tian

Postdoctoral researcher at Swedish Center for Digital Innovation (SCDI)

Henrik Wimelius
Hugo Hedlund

I study digital innovation and digital transformation in institutionally complex environments.

Ida Bodén

Digitalization strategist and data analyst. Project coordinator at Process IT Innovations

Joakim Arntz
Joel Brimark
Johan Boden

Program Coordinator for Digital Media Production. Lecturer and Recognised teacher.

Johan Sandberg

Associate professor (docent) at the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation at the Department of Informatics. Researching the transformative effects of digital innovation.

Jonny Holmström

Jonny Holmström is the director and co-founder of Swedish Center for Digital Innovation. His research interests are digital innovation, digital transformation and digital entrepreneurship.

Kalle Jegers
Karin Danielsson

I am a senior lecturer/associate professor in informatics at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since 2021, I am the director of Humlab at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. <https://www.umu.se/humlab/>

Karin Fahlquist

Qualified teacher.

Katrin Jonsson

Head of department and docent in Informatics. Conducts research on digitalisation of society with a focus on digital transformation and innovation, the Internet of Things and smart services.

Lars Öbrand

Deputy head of department. Recognised teacher at Umeå University. Member of the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation.

Leif Sundberg

I have a broad range of research interests in information systems. These include: case studies and use of "no-code" AI, digital government studies, and science and technology (STS) studies.

Linnea Öhlund
Magnus Mikaelsson
Malaika Torto

PhD student at Department of Informatics and Swedish Center for Digital Innovation, SCDI

Maria Åkesson
Marie Fransson
Mathias Karlsson

Doing a PhD in digitalization of transport hubs with a specific focus on data sharing across organizational boundaries in port environments.

Mikael Wiberg

Mikael Wiberg is a professor in Informatics. He is author of the book "The Materiality of Interaction: Notes on the materials of interaction design" (2018) MIT Press.

Mirella Muhic

My research area concerns digital transformation from a cloud continuance perspective, with focus on innovation technology and competitive advantage in both private and public sector. 

Patrik Björnfot
Pavithra Sivakumar
Pedro Sanches

I am a design researcher in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence with a focus on health, autonomy and well-being.

Per Levén
Per-Olof Ågren
Petter Eriksson

Research assistant at the department for informatics

Ramy Shenouda
Rikard Harr

Researcher/Excellent teacher responsible for the department's doctoral education. Part of the research group Design Informatics with a focus on human-computer interaction and manipulative design

Sabina Lindgren

Study administrator and course administrator for all first- and second-cycle programs and courses at the Department of Informatics and the secretary of the Education Committee.

Sara Bomark
Taline Jadaan
Ted Saarikko

Senior lecturer (assistant professor) with an interest in digital platforms and the Internet of Things.

Teresa Almeida
Tina Lundmark
Ulrika H. Westergren

Docent in Informatics. My research area is the digitalization of society with a special focus on digital transformation, new business models, and value creation.

Victor Kaptelinin

I am a teacher and researcher at the Department of Informatics, Umeå University, Sweden. My research interests include HCI theory, user research methods, and human-robot interaction.

William Sahlin
Latest update: 2018-11-20