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Model how a microbe can tell a friend from a foe
Published: 2024-05-16

'Can microbes distinguish friend from foe?' only DDLS funded PhD project at UMU in recent call.

Life’s insiders: Decoding endosymbiosis with mathematics
Published: 2024-05-02

Mathematical modelling advances research in endosymbiosis, according to a research group in Umeå.

IceLab opens project call for shared postdoctoral fellows
Published: 2024-04-10

Project proposals can be submitted until May 27th and an information session is available April 29th.

Insert favorite scientific problem here
Published: 2024-03-19

In search of collaborators after the March 13 Lunch Pitch.

New faculty for Stress Response Modeling excellence center
Published: 2024-03-08

IceLab seeks faculty for Stress Response Modeling excellence center.

Cemal Erdem and Elin Chorell seek collaborators at a Lunch Pitch
Published: 2024-03-01

The pitches covered cancer and disease modeling and the role of sphingolipids in metabolic diseases.

More efficient medical imaging can improve cancer care
Published: 2024-02-22

Improved data collection in PET scans increases patient safety and comfort.

Microbial eco-evolutionary research collaboration with Korea
Published: 2024-02-20

STINT-funded research collaboration with Inha University researchers begins with a visit to Incheon, Korea

Large Language models for efficient data management - new summer course!
Published: 2024-02-20

How to use the technology behind ChatGPT and the major language models.

IceLab opens the 2024 Lunch Pitches
Published: 2024-02-15

IceLab opens its Lunch Pitch season with pitches related to aging from Verena Kohler and Mattias Forsell

IceLab receives large grant for interdisciplinary research
Published: 2023-06-27

The Swedish Research Council investigates millions in ground-breaking research environments.

Digital feedback supports students' problem solving in mathematics
Published: 2023-05-02

Students who are stuck can get digital guidance – new form of feedback evaluated in dissertation.

Study provides new insights into the evolution of complex life
Published: 2023-04-28

Eric Libbys study provides new insights into the evolution of complex life on Earth.

Educational qualification – to make the teaching role visible
Published: 2023-01-19

Pedagogical skills are just as important to highlight as scientific ones, according to two qualified teachers.

Mathematician and computer scientist receive pedagogical award
Published: 2022-08-05

Lisa Hed and Lena Kallin Westin are awarded the Faculty of Science and Technology's Pedagogical Prize 2022.

IceLab relaunches the Lunch Pitches after a two year gap
Published: 2022-02-22

On Tuesday March 1st Merve Yesilbas and Signe Lundqvist pitch about water on Mars and molecule motion.

The Graduate School of Gender Studies advertise PhD positions
Published: 2022-02-09

As a PhD student at the graduate school you will be part of an interdisciplinary context.

Discover digital worlds together with Curiosum!
Published: 2021-11-22

November 20-21, a festive Curiosum is filled with digital creation, robots, gaming and film premiere.

Teaching assistants help in education - and develop personally
Published: 2021-09-16

The Faculty of Science and Technology employs teaching assistants at more departments than before.

Harvard statistician appointed honorary doctor at the Faculty of Science and Technology
Published: 2020-08-10

Martin Kulldorff is professor at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston.

Exchange students take the train abroad - for sustainable travel
Published: 2020-01-08

To stimulate sustainable travel students get interrail cards to get to their study destinations abroad.

Umeå mathematics duo with article that tops philosophy research
Published: 2019-01-30

Mathematicians' article on mathematical aesthetics in well-respected philosophy journal chosen as top article.

Methods to handle troublesome operator functions
Published: 2018-01-15

Operator functions are used to describe many important processes in science. When things like...

Creative opening of IceLab research centre
Published: 2010-04-15

The Integrated Science Lab (IceLab), a new centre for young researchers at Umeå University,...

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