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The centre contains and collaborates with scholars from all parts of the social sciences at Umeå University, including Sociology, Informatics, Education, Gender Studies, Law, Economics, Social Work, and Geography. Our research projects and interests bring together local, national, and international networks of leading researchers and practitioners in the field of the study of society and the digital.

Vice chairperson

Personalbild Eva Mårell-Olsson Eva Mårell-Olsson Senior lecturer (associate professor)

Board members

Personalbild Therese Enarsson Therese Enarsson Senior lecturer (associate professor)
Personalbild Fanny Pettersson Fanny Pettersson Senior lecturer (associate professor)
Personalbild Mikael Wiberg Mikael Wiberg Professor, other position
Personalbild Stefan Gelfgren Stefan Gelfgren Senior lecturer (associate professor)
Personalbild Robyn Schimmer Robyn Schimmer Postgraduate student, project leader

External member: Thomas Kvist (Region Västerbotten)