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Faculty of Science and Technology

Our Faculty has 3 300 full-time students, 1 000 employees, and a strong research. The eleven departments of the faculty comprises research and education within architecture, biology, chemistry, computing science, industrial design, mathematics, physics, educational science, and technology.

Information about the coronavirus

Information about the coronavirus for students, faculty and staff  (Updated: 19 October 2021).

Umeå University removes most of its COVID-19 measures from 30 September as national restrictions are lifted.

Latest news

The Swedish Research Council funds projects on neutron research

Professor Gerhard Gröbner and colleagues receive just over seven million for a chemistry project.

Experience the dome theater in Curiosum on a festive special weekend!

On the second of four special weekends at Curiosum, December 4-5, the dome theater and space is in focus.

Inactive proteases important for plant development

Laxmi Mishra has used Arabidopsis thaliana to gain new knowledge about proteases in plant chloroplasts.

New findings about ions around comets

Sofia Bergman's thesis gives scientists new possibilities to study low-energy ions in space.

Master’s students suggest actions for a sustainable campus

Social sustainability is in focus when students challenge the university’s sustainability measures.

Discover digital worlds together with Curiosum!

November 20-21, a festive Curiosum is filled with digital creation, robots, gaming and film premiere.

Latest features

New associate professors at Umeå School of Architecture

Newly recruited associate professors from four countries strengthen Umeå School of Architecture.

Visiting professor André de Roos shakes up established ideas in theoretical ecology

Mathematicians call him ecologist, ecologists call him mathematician. André is comfortable interdisciplinaire.

Chemistry students study molecules in a VR environment

Through VR glasses, students can twist and turn molecular models and see chemical reactions in 3D.

Related information

Science outreach events

Umeå University researchers disseminate their research outside the University through various events.

Collaborate with us

Our faculty works actively to develop its interaction with the surrounding community.