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Research at Faculty of Science and Technology

The faculty's research spans a wide field and is worldleading in several areas. Highly current topics are AI, infection research, and research related to the genetic scissor due to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Emmanuelle Charpentier. Lifelong learning is an overall theme at the university during 2021. Through the formation of Umeå Center for Architecture, Design and Art, UmArts, Architecture and Industrial Design been given increased opportunities to strengthen its research environments

Meet our scientists

Our scientist are keen to share their science in many ways: interviews, lectures, features and science outreach events.


Read more about the research at our Faculty

Which projects are run? How are the researchers grouped? What technology do our researchers have access to?

New professors and honorary doctors

Films about research

To be or not be GMO

Stefan Jansson, Professor at the Department of plant physiology, in a TED-talk about GMO.

Tea-time for scientists

Scientists from all over the world using tea bags to measure soil decomposition gathered at Umeå University.


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