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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 18 November 2020)


Research groups

Anders Byström
tRNA metabolism in eukaryotes
Andrea Puhar lab
Endogenous danger signals in infection and inflammation - Andrea Puhar's lab
Anna Berghard
Cell biology and physiology of the mammalian primary and accessory olfactory systems
Applied Laser Spectroscopy
Combustion Diagnostics and Exhaled Breath Gas Analysis
Atomically Thin & Layered Materials
Atomically thin crystalline structures such as two-dimensional (2D) materials or single- and few- walled nanotubes exhibit several interesting...
Research subject: Physical sciences
Autonomous Distributed Systems Lab
Read more about the research group Distributed Systems.
Research subject: Computing science
Barbara Sixt Group
Cell-autonomous immunity
Bernt Eric Uhlin
Regulatory networks in commensal and pathogenic Escherichia coli
Björn Schröder lab
Gut microbiota and intestinal mucosal barrier function
Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Physics
CMTF is a network connecting research groups from several departments at Umeå University and Luleå University of Technology. The aim to coordinate...
Complex systems
For the passion of revealing stories in relational data to address research questions across the sciences, in the complex system group we develop a...
Research subject: Physical sciences
Computational Mathematics
More about our research group
Research subject: Mathematics
Dan Hultmark Group
Drosophila cellular innate immunity, and mechanisms of persistent viral infections
David Cisneros
Research Group of David Cisneros
Research subject: Molecular biology and genetics
Debra Milton Group
Bacterial small-talk