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Digital methods

Digital methods are present everywhere, including in humanities research. An important part of Humlab's activities is to support research projects in the use of digital methods. It is especially important today with the large supply of digital material.

Digital methods range from quantitative methods that use the computer's ability to handle and process large amounts of data, to more qualitative methods for exploring digital environments and behaviors, but also to studies of the actual use of digital methods and their effects in general.

Humlab has extensive experience in developing and applying digital methods in humanities research. This span from visualizing archaeological data, creating models of text, or using AI for object recognition in visual material.

Humlab's method support activities take place in close dialogue between researchers and system developers. This approach aims to ensure quality of the tools' use, functions and results, but also to build humanistic perspectives into how the methods are used.


Roger Mähler
System developer
Latest update: 2022-06-23