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Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB)
Biomedical research on experimental animals at Umeå University is organized within Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB).
Discovery of nanosized molecules that might inhibit Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

Nanosized molecules of a particular chemical element can inhibit the formation of plaque in brain tissues.

Templating S100A9 amyloids on Aβ fibrillar surfaces revealed

A research team has provided the mechanistic insight into protein co-aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease.

Laboratory of Neurodegeneration and Repair
Parkinson’s disease - etiology, neuroprotection and symptomatology
Michael Dimitriou-research group
The ability to learn and appropriately adapt movement is a crucial property of the nervous system. The overall goal of our lab is to understand the...
Research area: Neurosciences
Paolo Medini
This is the research group lead by Dr Paolo Medini Master Thesis Students, PhD and PostDoc applicants are welcome in the Lab!
Research area: Neurosciences
Per Petersson-research group
In our research, we aim to understand how different parts of the central nervous system interact to generate purposeful behaviors. In particular, w...
Research area: Neurosciences
Staffan Johansson-research group
The research group investigates the electrical signals of neurons and the role ion channels and ion transporters play for the generation of these...
Research area: Neurosciences