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Intelligent Robotics

The research group Intelligent Robotics figures out how robots can be designed to interact in the best way with humans, other robots, and the environment.

Our research follows two main tracks: Field Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction. In the area of Field Robotics, we have done a lot of research on automation in forestry, in particular development of autonomous forest machines. In the FP7 project CROPS we developed robots for harvesting and spraying of fruit and vegetable crops, and continued in the H2020 project SWEEPER, where the consortium with joint efforts succeeded in developing the first sweet-pepper harvesting robot demonstrated in green house environments.

Our second main track of research is Human-Robot Interaction, and we have coordinates several EU projects in that area: INTRO (FP7), SOCRATES (H2020). We initially focused on cognitive architectures and robot learning, primarily Learning From Demonstration (LFD) enhanced by HRI. We currently focus on Understandability in robotics, i.e. how advanced robots can communicate the content of their artificial minds to interacting humans. For this we develop techniques for natural language understanding, dialogue management, intention recognition, and task planning.

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Awarded for study on navigation systems
Published: 14 Aug, 2019

Best Paper Award for new study.

Erik Elmroth ny ledamot i Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien
Published: 24 Jul, 2019

Eric Elmroth, professor of Computing Science is appointed member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.

AI professor keynote speaker at world conference in Umeå
Published: 23 Jul, 2019

Virginia Dignum,expert in ethical AI, is one of the main lecturers at the WFE conference in Umeå.

Investing SEK 100 million in AI
Published: 12 Jun, 2019

The University is investing long-term on research in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems.

Umeå University to lead prestigious AI program
Published: 04 Jun, 2019

Umeå University will host a SEK 660 million initiative by the Wallenberg Foundations for research in AI.