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Ethel Kautto

I am a registered dietitian and PhD.



Works at

Lärarutbildningshuset, Plan 4, Lärarutbildningshuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå


I am a university lecturer, registered dietitian and have a doctorate in philosophy in the field of dietetics. Together with Josefin Brodin, we are representatives for work with the Equal Terms at the Department of food, nutrition and culinary science.


I began my doctoral studies in 2009, funded by a collaboration between dietetics and the Umeå Center for Gender Studies. I defended my dissertation in March 2014. The name of my dissertation: Is it the gluten-free diet that matters the most? Food, gender and celiac disease. The dissertation was about different aspects of how it is to live with a diagnosis of celiac disease. I had a gender perspective; and I also studied how the overall diet was affected when being diagnosed with celiac disease via screening. In my thesis, the nutrient intake in the gluten-free diet was also compared with a normal diet in adolescents of the same age without celiac disease.

Today I am the main supervisor for doctoral student Sofia Rapo who works in a research project that studies the field: Hospital meals, from different perspectives.

Together with Jonas Burén, Anna Sjödin and Agneta Hörnell, I work in a project that explores how individuals perceive what it is like to follow different types of diets.


In the autumn of 2003, I started teaching at the Department of Nutrition. Today I teach both basic and advanced courses given at the Department of Nutrition and Meal Sciences. My teaching is mainly in subjects related to diet and public health, communication, dietary sociology and dietetics. I am also a supervisor and examiner for some degree projects at the department.

It is interesting not only to see food primarily as a source of nourishment and maintenance of the body's functions. What do food and meals mean to us people both from a social context but also related to where we are on the journey of a lifetime? And how does that affect the identity? Another area that interests me is communication about health, food and meals.

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