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Department of Applied Physics and Electronics


Florian Schmidt, researcher (absence), research fellow (assistant professor)

Assistant Professor in Applied Laser Spectroscopy

Development of novel techniques and sensors, Exhaled breath gas analysis for medical diagnostics, Combustion diagnostics with focus on biomass

Keni Ren, research assistant

Ph.D student in Signal Processing, Interaction technology

Leonid Freidovich, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Automatic Control; Control Systems Engineering; Dynamics and Control; Robot Control

Markus Broström, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Senior lecturer (associate professor) working with research and education in energy technology and thermal process chemistry.

Nils Skoglund, researcher

My research concerns resource recovery in renewable energy systems and the work involves X-ray analytical techniques, both at the university and at synchrotrons.

Stig Byström, university lecturer

Main areas I work with include Computer Communication, Analog Electronics and Project Management.