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Department of Applied Physics and Electronics


Adrian Morari
Agneta Bränberg
Alexandre Salou
Alvina Skogman
Amin Saremi
Anders Rebbling
Anders Wåhlin
Anders Åstrand
Anna Andersson
Anna Strandberg

My research concerns bioenergy and resource recovery. I am studying biochar and ashes from residual streams with respect to water and soil applications and nutrient recycling.

Britt Andersson

My research interests are in the areas of materials science, applied physics and biomedical technology. 

Chanachok Chokwitthaya
Charlie Ma

Senior research engineer carrying out research activities aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainable energy utilisation.

Christer Rönnqvist
Christoffer Boman

Sustainable bioenergy and biomaterials from residual streams and industrial by-products via high-temperature processes.

Edvin Fogelberg
Eli Båvner Lorentzi
Emil Bergqvist
Emil Thorin
Emma Forsgren
Erik Steinvall
Felix Johansson Carne
Flemming Frandsen
Florian Schmidt

My research concerns the development of optical techniques based on laser spectroscopy for applications in combustion diagnostics, medical diagnostics and chemical imaging.

Johan Haake
José Aguirre Castillo
Julia Thuresson
Keni Ren

Researcher in Precision livestock farming: focus on sensors and data analysis. Ten years of teaching experience in the interaction design field.

Kristina Kunert

Research topics: Internet of Things (IoT), dependable and energy-efficient wireless communication, autonomous vehicles, distributed artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent environments.

Leonid Freidovich

I am interested in using analytical mechanics and mathematical theory of nonlinear control systems to develop new algorithms for designing controllers for robotics and automation.

Li Liu
Linda Pommer

I work with information and communication, and teaching. I also work as a coordinator at the Industrial Doctoral School and as a project leader in Medtech4North, developing an innovation model.

Linnea Nilsson
Malin Ramstedt
Markus Broström

Professor working with research and education in energy technology and thermal process chemistry.

Markus Carlborg
Matias Eriksson

Director of Centre for Sustainable Cement and Quicklime Production

Mehrez Hermassi
Nils Skoglund

My research concerns resource recovery in renewable energy systems and the work involves X-ray analytical techniques, both at the university and at synchrotrons.

Ola Ågren
Ole Norberg

In my position as, Associate Professor in Media technology I do research and education in the field of Interaction Design. Most of my research activities are done in close cooperation with companies.

Pengju Liu
Per Hallberg

I am head of the research infrastructure Biomedical Engineering – Research and Development at the University hospital.


Petter Holmlund

I work as a research engineer in the Umeå Hydrocephalus Research Group. I do research in Biomedical Engineering, with focus on cerebrospinal fluid and cerebral blood flow dynamics.

Pontus Söderström

I'm a PhD student in applied physics and the aim of my thesis is to develop and improve methods in MRI to examine early signs of impaired vascular function.

Staffan Grundberg
Stig Byström

Main areas I work with include Computer Communication, Analog Electronics and Project Management.

Thomas Mejtoft

Thomas Mejtoft is an Associate Professor of Media Technology at Umeå University and program director of the five-year integrated MSc engineering program in Interaction Technology and Design.

Tobias Wikman
Tomas Nordström

My research focuses on enabling technologies for "intelligent embedded systems" and how many such systems can best work together to create robust and efficient "systems of intelligent systems".

Truong Nguyen

Truong Nguyen has been appointed as associate professor in energy engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience in energy process, energy technology and energy system analysis.

Ulf Holmgren
Ulrik Söderström

I am Associate Professor in Media Technology, assistant Program manager for the MSc program in Interaction and Design and a researcher in the Digital Media Lab research group.

Vilma Christensen
Weizhuo Lu

Professor with a focus on sustainable built environment and director of the Intelligent Human-Buildings Interactions lab (IHBI)

Zonghua Gu

I do research on cyberphysical systems (CPS) - embedded systems for using AI to control and regulate machines and devices.