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Department of Physics


Claude Dion, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Researcher in atomic and molecular physics as well as computational physics.

Herbert Gunell, professor, adjunct

I am a space physicist, and my research interests include Earth's magnetosphere, auroral research, other planets, and comets.

László Veisz, professor

Head of RElativistic Attosecond physics Laboratory (REAL).
REAL home page:

Magnus Andersson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Head of the Biophysics and Biophotonics group. More information is found here:

Martin Rosvall, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am interested in understanding how the flow of information through social and biological systems affect their function. Read more on my research website:

Martin Servin, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am interested in computational science and technology for multiphysical systems, in particular granular and cyberphysical systems. Read more here: []

Sune Pettersson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I teach courses in Physics and coordinate physics courses in the teacher programme.
I do research in Physics Education with a focus on group work in physics.