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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)


Department of Physics


Aitor De Andres Gonzalez

Into photonics and material science, currently investigating electron acceleration using femtosecond laser pulses.

Aleksandra Foltynowicz Matyba

Head of the Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy Group

Alexandr Talyzin

My research group works with graphene related materials both as fundamental research and for energy storage applications.  We are partners in EU Graphene Flagship.

Alexis Rojas-Briceno
Andrea Lancichinetti
Anton Eriksson

Personal web page:

Arnaud Beth
Artem Iakunkov
Audrey Schillings
Audrey Vorburger
Carol Norberg

Lecturer in Space Physics

Carolina Näslund
Christian Larsen
Chuang Lu
Claude Dion

Researcher in atomic and molecular physics as well as computational physics.

Clayton Forssén

I am a PhD student at the Industrial Doctoral School.

Daniel Edler
Dolores Bernenko
Eduardo Gracia

I am developing nanostructured functional materials applied to sensors, catalysis, and protective coatings. 

Erik Wallstén Wallin
Erik Zäll
Etienne Auroux

I develop new ways to produce light to fabricate devices of any size and shape.

Thus, I focus on materials dissolvable into liquids which I can then spray.

More information here:

Folke Vesterlund
Frida Engman
Ghai Siung Chong

I currently work as a postdoc in the Space Physics group. My research interests include nonlinear structures in space and planetary plasmas.

Hamid Reza Barzegar
Hans Forsman
Helena Grip

Hospital engineer, assoc. prof. in biomedical engineering and adjunct university lecturer. Research and development within medical technology and movement analysis.

Herbert Gunell

I am a space physicist, and my research interests include Earth's magnetosphere, auroral research, other planets, and comets.

Isak Silander
Jelena Smiljanic
Jennifer Andersson
Jens Zamanian

My research is about quantum plasmas. I am also responsible for the internationalisation at the department.

Jia Wang

I am a researcher in the Organic Photonics and Electronics Group.

More information on www.

Johan Zakrisson
Jonas Segervald
Jonna Wilen
Katarina Hassler
Krister Wiklund
László Veisz

I am the head of RElativistic Attosecond physics Laboratory, REAL.

Linda Forsell
Linn Mannelqvist
Linus Norenius
Lucas Hedström

I work mainly on simulating the dynamics of the genome in cells.

Ludvig Edman

I am leading a research group that develops photonic and electronic devices based on organic materials.

You can find more information on our web page:

Ludvig Lizana

In my research, I want to understand causal relations in gene regulation. To achieve this, I use methods rooted in physics. More information:

Magnus Andersson

Head of the Biophysics and Biophotonics group. More information is found here:

Magnus Neuman
Malin Rantala
Maria Hamrin

I am a researcher in space plasma physics and I am also director for the engineering programme in physics.

Martin Rosvall

I am interested in understanding how the flow of information through social and biological systems affect their function. Read more on my research website:

Martin Servin

I am devoted to digital physics, with a particular focus on computational modelling and simulation of granular materials, robots and vehicles.

Matthias Germann
Mouna Rafei
Nicolas Boulanger
Nils Blix
Ove Andersson
Ove Axner

I work with the development of laser-based measurement technqies for sensitive detection of atoms and molecules in gas phase, primarily analytical laser spectroscopy and refractometry.

Patrik Norqvist
Peter Fischer
Peter Olsson
Piotr Matyba
Rasmus Öberg

I am a PhD student at the Industrial Doctoral School.

Rebecca Viklund
Roushdey Salh
Sandra Mattsson

PhD student in experimental physics, focusing on organic photonics and electronics. Website of the research group:

Sandra Straumdal
Sara Östman
Shahab Fatemi
Shi Tang

I am a researcher in organic photonic and electronic group, focusing on the development of light-emitting electrochemical cells. You can find more information on our web page:

Sune Pettersson

I teach courses in Physics and coordinate physics courses in the teacher programme.
I do research in Physics Education with a focus on group work in physics. 

Thomas Wågberg

I am head of the Department of physics and group leader of "Nano for Energy", an interdisciplinary research group focusing on nanomaterials and their applications in renewable energy.

Timo Pitkänen

I am a researcher in space plasma physics.

Tobias Dahlberg
Veronika Vintish
Viktor Jonsson
Viktor Wiberg
Xiaoying Zhang
Xiuyu Wu
Xueen Jia