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Department of Sociology


Anna Baranowska-Rataj, researcher

My research investigates processes linking labour market inequalities, family life and wellbeing using methods for causal inference.

Anna-Britt Coe, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research focuses on how and why social movements influence society and policies as well as how and why contemporary young people practice politics by merging boundaries between the state and society.

Britt-Inger Keisu, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am associate professor in Sociology and works as head the department at Umeå Centre for Gender studies. My research interests involves gender- organization and leadership theory.

Elin Kvist, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Senior lecturer at the department of sociology and researcher at Umea Centre for Gender Studies 

Jonas Lindahl, postgraduate student

The subject matter of my thesis is the information value of bibliometric indicators in contexts of predicting scientific achievements among researchers in the early career.

Lena Karlsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I work as an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the Department of Sociology

Malcolm Fairbrother, professor

I am a comparative political sociologist who studies environmental policy and politics, economic globalization, trust, and social science research methods—and the relationships among them.

Marta Miklikowska, researcher

Expertise: (1) Development of attitudes (tolerance/prejudice), empathy and cross-ethnic friendships (2) The role of social contexts (family, friends, school) in youth development

Maureen A. Eger, researcher

I am a research fellow in the Department of Sociology. My research interests lie broadly in political sociology, with an emphasis on immigration, nationalism, and the welfare state.

Moa Eriksson, postgraduate student

My research concerns the use of social media in relation to terror attacks and how this use of social media may influence societal meaning making after such attacks.

Nora Räthzel, professor, senior

I am interested in the ways in which individuals create cultures of resistance and subordination. My research integrates  environmental labour studies and gender studies.

Samuel Merrill, researcher

I am an interdisciplinary researcher specializing in digital and cultural sociology. My research interests centre on social movements, collective memory, cultural heritage and digital media.

Simon Lindgren, professor

My research is about politics, power, and resistance at the intersection of society and digital technologies.

Tina Goldschmidt, postdoctor

I am a Postdoc in the research program "The Evolution of Prejudice." In my current work, I use quantitative, semi-automated methods for the analysis of news contents on immigration.